ARRC is grateful to the NIB Foundation for the opportunity to develop resources to support young people diagnosed with a variety of autoimmune illnesses.  The Young Autoimmune Persons Education Program has engaged with the community and clinicians to develop a series of resources based upon feedback.

As a result of directly posted surveys, telephone communication and event booth communication, a series of colourful brochures have been completed as well as plans for new social groups to aide support.

ARRC has been working with a very talented young person Morgan Williams from Griphon Graphics in graphic design to create some unique brochure images using the theme of Australian animals with the emu as a central character.  The emu image has a general message "no one is im'emu'une to autoimmunity" which draws attention to the prevalence of Autoimmunity.


Latest News & Events

  • 27 May 2017

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  • 07 Jun 2017

    Wednesday 7th May 6-8pm Ethnic Community Centre Waratah NSW 2298 Registration essential. Speakers:- A/Profs Huy Tran & Glenn Reeves "Hashimotos, Graves & Beyond"  ...